Hardware Accelerators for Zero Knowledge Cryptography

Combining chip design with mathematics and advanced algorithms to deliver unmatched performance for compute intensive cryptography

Pioneering the Field of
Zero Knowledge Hardware Acceleration

Ingonyama is a next-generation semiconductor company, focusing on Zero Knowledge Proof hardware acceleration. Using a broad, multidisciplinary approach and a deep understanding of the ZK landscape, we focus on finding and solving computational bottlenecks in ZK Proofs.

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We work in collaboration with top builders in the space. Together we are designing a cost-effective base layer for ZK Proofs, enabling creators to build ZK applications faster and more efficiently.

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Ingonyama's mission is to set the software standard for Zero Knowledge Hardware acceleration, deliver the world’s first Zero Knowledge Processing Unit (ZPU), and lower the barrier of entry to ZK technology for the broader Internet Technology ecosystem.
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Planting trees of learning grows a forest of knowledge. Community and feedback are paramount in cutting-edge fields like cryptographic engineering.

Together we are stronger, pushing the boundaries of humanity toward a world of increased data security, scalability, and sovereignty.


Seeking Exceptional Talent

Ingonyama is hiring for a number of positions, both technical and business oriented. For career opportunities and technical challenges, visit our Careers page.