Videos by Ingonyama

Virtual Fireside Chat with Juan Benet of Protocol Labs and Omer Shlomovits of Ingonyama
Recursion in the Miden VM, by ​Augusto Hack of Polygon Miden
ZK Security: An Automated Approach, by ​Andreea Buterchi of Veridise
Security and Circuit Anatomy, by ​Porter Adams of Matter Labs
ZKA Panel: ZK Killer Apps & the Survival of ZK in the Future​
ZKA Panel: ZK Hardware
Ola: Bringing Compliant Privacy to ZKVM Rollups, by ​Philip Eriksson of Ola
Programming ZK with EZKL, by ​Jason Morton of EZKL
Kalypso: A Circuit-Agnostic ZK Proof Market, by ​Roshan Raghupathy of Marlin
Improving current STARK provers, by ​Diego Kingston of Lambdaclass
Orion: Vision, Benchmarks, and Future, by Francisco Algaba of Giza Tech
Secure type-1 zkEVM compiled with zkLLVM & Placeholder, by ​Alisa Cherniava of Nil Foundation
ZKA Panel: New frontiers in ZK Research (November 15, 2023)
Aleo: ZK by Design, by ​Joanna Zeng of Aleo
Enhancing Encrypted Mempool Security with ZK: Resilience Against Attacks, by ​AJ Park of Radius
FHE vs. ZK, by ​Morten Dahl of ZAMA
Hardware Acceleration enabling efficient Zero Knowledge Proof generation, by ​Hamid Salehi of AMD
Intro to Electron's ZK Engine and Use Cases​, by Garvit Goel of Electron Labs
Demo of Cairo, by ​Timothée Delabrouille of Starkware
Cost optimizing your ZKPs on AWS, by Emile Baizel of AWS
Standardizing zkEVM Acceleration API, by Mamy Ratsimbazafy of Taiko
Tour de Boojum: Anatomy of a GPU prover, By Robert Remen
Gnark on Ice: GPU acceleration of Gnark using ICICLE
Towards Optimal Long Multiplication in GPU, by Dmytro Tymokhanov
Silicon Safari: A Survey from the Humble CPU to exotic silicon, by Tony Wu
Fast NTT Arithmetic in the Goldilocks Finite Field, by Niall Emmart
Fast Danksharding by Tomer Solberg
ICICLE API - Behind the Scenes of GPU and ZK Provers, by Jeremy Felder

Talks & Interviews

Making ZKP Computation more Seamless and Democratized
Road to ICICLE Whiteboard Session, by Immanuel Segol
ZPU: The Hardware Path to Verifiable Everything, by Yuval Domb
The Magic of Zero-Knowledge Proofs
ZK Movie
Fast Danksharding, presented by Tomer Solberg of Ingonyama
ZK9 Hardware Acceleration & ZK Panel
Danksharding part 2, with Yuval Domb
Danksharding part 1, with Yuval Domb
Sum-Check Intuitions | Presentation by Yuval Domb
StarkWare Sessions 23 - Introduction to ECNTT by Omer Shlomovits
Walden Catalyst & Ingonyama - Deep Dive into ZKP
StarkWare Sessions '23 - ZK Hardware with Omer of Ingonyama by Bankless
Justin Thaler - Deep Dive into the Sumcheck Protocol
Omer Shlomovits - ZKProof Workshop: From NAND to Verifiable TETRIS
Omer Shlomovits - Fantastic Beasts: Unfolding ZK Hardware LIVE from ZK8 2022

Moon Math Club - ZKP Lessons by Ingonyama

Lesson 1 - Groups (part 1)

Lesson 2 - Groups (part 2)

Lesson 3 - Functions

Lesson 4 - First Isomorphism Theorem for Groups

Lesson 5 - Rings (part 1)

Lesson 6 - Rings (part 2)

Lesson 7 - First Isomorphism Theorem for Rings

Lesson 8 - Introduction to Finite Fields