PipeMSM: Hardware Acceleration for Multi-Scalar Multiplication

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Aug 18, 2022

MSM hardware acceleration is key for ZK hardware acceleration.

In this paper we present a new hardware design for MSM and implement it on FPGA. We conduct the first-ever comparison between FPGA and GPU (Sppark by @_Supranational)

The paper is PACKED with new algorithms & ideas!

We are committed to continue working in the open and are happy to collaborate in any way that is aligned with our mission of improving the cost and scale for Zero-Knowledge applications.


Multi-Scalar Multiplication (MSM) is a fundamental computational problem. Interest in this problem was recently prompted by its application to ZK-SNARKs, where it often turns out to be the main computational bottleneck.

In this paper we set forth a pipelined design for computing MSM. Our design is based on a novel algorithmic approach and hardware-specific optimizations. At the core, we rely on a modular multiplication technique which we deem to be of independent interest.

We implemented and tested our design on FPGA. We highlight the promise of optimized hardware over state-of-the-art GPU- based MSM solver in terms of speed and energy expenditure.

Read the paper: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/999

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