Driving Innovation in

Zero Knowledge Hardware Acceleration

  • Providers of Top Prover in Testnet
  • Nvidia GPU & FPGA mining
  • Coming soon: custom-made Aleo miner



  • PC2 and C2 acceleration with FPGA
  • Single PCIe Slot PC2 Acceleration
  • Lowest cost for a C2 worker



  • Calling all Danksharding Builders
  • The next evolution of Ethereum is here
  • Be a part of Web3 infrastructure history


Consulting Services

  • Prototyping of accelerators
  • Help with ICICLE GPU Library & BLAZE FPGA Library
  • Product infrastructure & deployment



  • ZK ASIC in development
  • ZK IP Cores for integration
  • Multiple use-cases & applications




Danksharding Builder

Danksharding is the new sharding design proposed as part of Ethereum’s rollup-centric scaling roadmap.

Using ICICLE, we have implemented a flow that can run entirely in the GPU, with only the relevant outputs to be sent to a host machine and populated on the Ethereum network. Our work focuses on the building blocks that are relevant to the Danksharding builder.

Important to note: we focus on Data Availability Sampling (DAS), not proto-danksharding.
Reach out and work with us on your Danksharding Builder project!


Providers of Top Prover on the Aleo Network

Aleo is a Layer-1 blockchain for private applications using Zero-Knowledge cryptography.

During Aleo’s incentivized testnet, Ingonyama technology powered over 50% of the network hash power with our GPU prover.

We develop Aleo mining accelerators for specialized hardware including GPU and FPGA. Our focus is on new and existing Xilinx boards, working in collaboration with design partners.

Coming soon: custom-made Aleo miner.

Compatibility with Nvidia GPUs and FPGA miners

Our GPU miner is compatible with any NVIDIA GPU. Unlike other mining solutions, the CPU brand is not important, so you can focus on what really matters – getting the most out of your mining efforts.

For institutional miners, our FPGA solution provides unparalleled power and speed. If you're interested in mining Aleo and want to boost your mining efforts, Ingonyama's hardware accelerators can help.

Key Takeaways

Aleo mining will be available again soon

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Power Efficient Filecoin PC2 & C2

Filecoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based storage network created by Protocol Labs. Ingonyama's solutions for Filecoin sealing operations feature highly efficient FPGA hardware.

We focus on PC2 and C2 sealing acceleration using FPGA for unmatched performance, improved cost and form factor.

Our customers include providers of Filecoin sealing-as-a-service, data center operators, and miners who wish to run Filecoin proofs efficiently.

Superior Footprint with FPGA hardware

Improved form factor: PC2 FPGA acceleration that fits into one PCIe slot -  fit two in a pizza-box server for improved space efficiency. Increase storage capacity with unrivaled power economy.

Key Takeaways

Zero-Knowledge Developer Toolkits

Ingonyama provides a range of tools for developers, including:

Develop your Zero-Knowledge applications with cutting edge toolkits and hardware acceleration.


ZPU™ stands for Zero-Knowledge Processing Unit. We believe in a ZPU-led future with general purpose ZK in computers, tablets, phones, laptops, gaming machines, IOT devices and more, for a wide-range of applications.
Read more about our vision here.

At Ingonyama, we are committed to developing the next generation of ZK-enabled processors, working with leading technology companies to bring this technology to market.

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Hardware Consulting

Community and feedback are critical in cutting-edge fields like cryptographic engineering. Collaborate with ZK Developers working on a wide range of novel solutions:

  • Fast prototyping of accelerators using ICICLE GPU Library & BLAZE FPGA Library

  • Assistance building with our open source tools and libraries

  • Product infrastructure planning and deployment

  • Collaboration with top builders in the space

  • Explore the largest library of ZK Resources on Ingopedia

  • Zero in on bottlenecks in ZKP for acceleration